Have you thought about what you’d do for water after a major earthquake if the water network isn’t working? Storing water is the single best thing that people can do to help Wellington survive and thrive after a major earthquake is be prepared.

Wellington Water and our Councils are working to make our infrastructure stronger every day. 

Water tanks 

WREMO has partnered with a New Zealand water tank manufacturer, The Tank Guy, to make a 200 litre water tank and kit available for $105.
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Drinking water

Our water supply network crosses fault lines in multiple places. We expect it to take up to 100 days to restore services in some suburbs in the Wellington region.

Following a major earthquake, the first thing people rely on is themselves and their families - so storing water is a must for every household.

Getting your water storage sorted now

Getting your water storage sorted now (PDF, 117 KB)

You need to have to stored water for you and your family for at least seven days.
You may need to store more if you have unwell people or small children in your family. Don't forget your pets.

Also available as an image Get your water storage sorted now (JPG, 78 KB)

Making your water safe in an emergency

Making your water safe in an emergency (PDF, 437 KB)

There a simple steps you can take to make water safe in an emergency, including boiling and using bleach.

Also available as an image: Making your water safe in an emergency (JPG, 72 KB)

Water during an emergency

Water during an emergency (PDF, 163 KB)

During an emergency the pipes that bring water to your home could be damaged.
Follow this flow chart for advice on what to do

Also available as an image Water during an emergency (PNG, 60 KB)

How can I store my water?

There are loads of different storage options - one for every kind of situation!

Juice/soft drink bottles

Three one-and-a-half litre soft drink bottles

Clean and reuse juice or soft drink bottles. Store in a cool dark place. 

Do not use milk bottles - any milk residue will contaminate the water



10 - 20 litre containers 

Twenty litre container 

These containers are available from hardware stores, Store in a cool dry place.


200 litre containers

Two hundred litre tanks


Your local city council sells the 200 litre water tank and kit available for $105.
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Larger tanks  

Four-hundred-and-fifty litre tank

Available directly from manufacturers and hardware stores.  Water storage tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a variety of needs. We recommend you check with your local council to see if there are any planning requirements you need to consider before installing a large water tank.



The wastewater network is even more vulnerable than the drinking water network - its broken pipes would take even longer to find and fix, and there'd be more of them.

Learn how to make and use an emergency compost toilet

Wastewater isn't just about toilets - you'll also need to think about how you would dispose of water used for cooking and hygiene. Water from cooking can be tipped into gardens, but keep water used in washing clothes or yourself away from food producing gardens.