There are some easy ways to make your property more resilient. If you are unable to do this yourself, get someone to help you.

Below the house

Check your foundations.Check your foundations

  • Has there been any excavation around the piles?
  • Are the bearers secured to the piles? 
  • Is there any rotten timber?

Floor to ceiling

  • Secure hot water cylinders, free-standing wood burners and heavy or tall furniture.
  • Have any walls been removed? This can weaken the integrity of the building.
  • Are there any unreinforced masonry walls that need extra  support?

Ceiling to roof

Check your chimney

  • Secure water header tanks
  • Check heavy roofing tiles are tied in place and/or consider replacing with lighter-weight metal roofing
  • Check brick chimneys are properly secured, and if not in use, consider removal
  • Are the rafters and struts in your roof in good condition? Does it look like any have been removed?

DIY caution 

When doing your own alterations, or if you have any concerns about your property, get advice from a professional Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) – builder, architect or designer. If you have any questions about the structural integrity of your home, get a builder to check it out.