Ensure you have a battery operated radio. In an emergency find, and tune in to, your local radio station as they will broadcast official civil defence information that is appropriate for your community and situation.

Record the frequency for your local stations in your Emergency Plan.


In an emergency information can be found online through our:

Signup for alerts

You can signup to receive emergency alerts from WREMO through the Red Cross Hazard App. For more information see 
Sign up for Red Cross Hazard alerts

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) is leading the implementation of a new nationwide emergency alert which can be sent to your mobile, without needing to sign up or download an app. Emergency Mobile Alerts are due to be available by the end of 2017.
More information on emergency mobile alerts

Know your neighbours

Your neighbours are your first source of support in an emergency. Connect with a few people on your street this weekend, so in an emergency you can:

  • Make sure everyone is looked after, especially those who might need extra help
  • Share resources and skills to help each other– three families cooking on one BBQ uses a lot less gas than three families cooking by themselves
  • Recover faster with less chaos or duplication of effort
  • Even better, you’ll be helping build a friendlier, more resilient community every day of the year

Start with a simple smile and introduction. The first step is always the hardest! Then suggest a few of you exchange contact details in case of an emergency.

Neighbourhood Support Groups bring local people together to create safe, supportive and connected communities.
Find out more about Neighbourhood Support