Meet your neighbours

Most rescues are carried out by the people who are there at the time. Your neighbours are your first source of support.

Connect with a few people on your street this weekend, so in an emergency you can:

  • Make sure everyone is looked after, especially those who might need extra help
  • Share resources and skills to help each other– three families cooking on one BBQ uses a lot less gas than three families cooking by themselves
  • Recover faster with less chaos or duplication of effort

Even better, you’ll be helping build a friendlier, more resilient community every day of the year.

Start with a simple smile and introduction.  The first step is always the hardest!  Then suggest a few of you exchange contact details in case of an emergency.


You can also start a Neighbourhood Support group on your street or join the local Timebank.

You could organise a catch-up, BBQ or working bee with a few of your neighbours in a couple of weeks. 

Try camping at homeIdeally keep your pantry full as you can

Your house is already full of emergency items disguised as everyday things!

The blankets on your bed, the clothes in your closet, and things in the bathroom are all things you can use in emergencies.

  • Have supplies for babies, toddlers and pets, if you have them
  • Keep enough of your prescription medicines available.

By looking after yourself and your household, you’ll also be helping emergency services focus their limited resources on the people who need the most help.

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