Free emergency preparedness training

Learn how to help your household and community prepare for, respond to, and recover from, a large earthquake. You’ll help your community be better informed, prepared and connected.
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You can also become a WREMO Volunteer to help your community prepare and respond.
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Free business continuity workshops

If you run a business or community organisation, you’ll want to keep it operating after any disruption, big or small. Your customers and staff rely on you. Our workshop will help you and your staff get prepared to continue operations and make better decisions for your business in times of stress.

Participants leave knowing the basics of business continuity planning and make a start on their own unique plan. We offer our two-hour workshops across the Wellington region.
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Community Response Plans

People like you are contributing to your Community's Response Plan.  Find out what planning is taking place and how you can contribute.  You have valuable knowledge about your community that will help make a difference.
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