Test of Emergency Mobile Alerts - 26 November 2017

On Sunday, 26 November 2017, the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) issued a test alert on the new Emergency Mobile Alert system.  WREMO received a number of queries relating to this national test
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What alerts will I receive?

WREMO will only send alerts when there is a threat to life or significant disruption, that could affect all or part of the Wellington region.

Other Civil Defence Groups around New Zealand may send alerts, you will need to contact your local emergency management office to confirm whether they are also using the Red Cross Hazards app to send alerts.

If you feel your life is in danger, don’t wait for an official warning. Take immediate action.

Alerts will be sent using:

What to do if you get an emergency alert

When you receive an emergency alert from WREMO. Follow the advice from the alert and make sure you are safe. Then make sure your friends and family are safe by sharing the information on social media or text.
See how we will provide ongoing and up to date information in an emergency

Emergency Mobile Alerts

Emergency Mobile Alert LogoThe Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) is leading the implementation of a new nationwide emergency alert which can be sent to your mobile, without needing to sign up or download an app.

Not all mobile phones will be capable of receiving Mobile Emergency Alerts. The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) have published a list of phones and their operating systems that are known to be capable of receiving alerts.
See the list of phones and operating systems that are able to receive alerts

MCDEM are working with the telecommunications industry to ensure that all mobile phones sold in New Zealand will have Emergency Mobile Alerting enabled, check when you next buy a phone (be it tomorrow or in four years' time) that it can receive Emergency Mobile Alerts.

More information on emergency mobile alerts is available on the MCDEM website

Red Cross' Hazard App

Red Cross Hazard App IconYou can sign up to get emergency alerts from the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) through the Red Cross' Hazard App. WREMO will only send alerts when there is a threat to life or significant disruption, that could affect all or part of the Wellington region.

Download the app

Download the relevant version of the app:
Google Play Store
Apple App Store

You can monitor up to five locations and determine what alerts you wish to receive for each location.

What is the app

The Red Cross Hazards App has been implemented by the New Zealand Red Cross as a platform that provides information on hazards, what to do and users can receive alerts.

For more information see the Hazard App page on the Red Cross website

The App has the option to get weather warnings from Metservice and earthquake notifications from Geonet. You can choose whether you wish to receive these notifications for each location you monitor.