The Wellington Region's weather can change very quickly.  You might remember the flooding that occurred in the bad weather the day after the Kaikoura Earthquake in 2016.  Shelter is an important part of survival, so we need to make sure everyone in our community has somewhere safe and comfortable to stay.

Find places where people can shelter from the weather if they can’t stay at home, preferably comfortable places where people can rest and sleep.

You may have visitors to your community who don’t live locally – commuters, shoppers, employees etc. These are the people most likely to need accommodation in your community.

Don’t wait for the perfect solution, shelter from the weather is a priority over comfort. Bad weather means the need for shelter is much more urgent than on a warm sunny day.

Tell the Emergency Operations Centre (through the Communication desk) the number of people who need accommodation.

Staying in homes

Many people will be able to stay in their own homes, and this is ideal as people are much more comfortable in a home environment.

Are there simple repairs that could be done to make a home safe enough for people to stay there?  Where could you find tools and supplies to make repairs?  Could you help your neighbour make repairs?

Encourage people to stay with friends or family if possible, and if you can make your spare beds and guest room available, please offer.  It could be as simple as offering:

  • Guest rooms
  • Campervan/caravans
  • Tents
  • Couch space
  • Camping mats/stretchers
  • Air mattresses

If people need to leave their homes, encourage them to take as much bedding as possible.  Where else could you find bedding or some spare clothes in your community?

Other places to stay?

Does your community have parks or other open spaces for tents, or buildings that would be suitable for temporary shelter if people can’t stay at homes or with friends?