Medical assistance

Medical help will literally save lives!  We need to make sure that everyone who needs medical assistance can get help.  This may be urgent first aid, or it may be help with the ongoing medical issues that people had before the emergency.

Check on your neighbours and people you know to have health issues or disabilities.

If you are a medical professional and you cannot get to your usual place of work, please go to your nearest medical centre and provide what help you can.  If that facility is not open, please go to your nearest Community Emergency Hub.

If you are a first aider, provide what help you can to your neighbours and your community. If you are able to help more, please offer your assistance at your nearest Community Emergency Hub. If the medical centre needs extra assistance, this is where they will go to ask for more help.

In all life-threatening situations, attempt to contact the emergency services by calling 111. Injured and sick people should go to the nearest open medical centre first, not the hospital.

Where are the nearest medical providers?

Are there medical facilities in your community?

If people show up at the hub in need of medical help, direct them to the closest medical facility, if there is one available.

You might need to organise transport to help get people to help, or get help to the people who need it.

There may be other facilities that could provide medical assistance in some form - eg. vets or dental practices.

Your medical centre may also need help finding another facility to work from, if there is damage to the building.

Where can we get extra supplies?

First aid kits in homes and workplaces, the first aid aisle at the local supermarket and pharmacy, improvised bandages are all ways that you could help provide some extra first aid supplies.

If someone knocked at your door tonight with a bad cut, could you help them stop the bleeding?

Where are the defibrillators?

There may be automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in your community that could help save a life today - not just after an earthquake! Learn where they are in your community, as every second counts.  You can find your local defibrillators using a smart phone and the AED app, available on Google Play, and the Apple Store.