We need to make sure that people in our community have enough food to sustain them after an emergency.  Hopefully people will have some good supplies at home, but there may be people who aren't from your community who still need food, or people who can't build a up supply of food at home due to their cricumstances.

Share your food with those who don’t have access to it, if you can spare it.

Use foods from your refrigerator first, then those in the freezer, and finally dry goods from the pantry. 

What food suppliers and providers are there in your community?  Are there cooking and catering supplies?

Cafes and restaurants may run out of stock quickly, but may have capacity to help with cooking food for people.

If you own a food and grocery store, have you thought about how you could sell your products without access to phone line or electricity?  What can you do with the food in your fridges and freezers before it goes off?

Does your community have a food bank?  They may very quickly run out of supplies, but are experts at putting together food packs for families out of donated goods that you source.

How could we organise to feed large groups of people?

Pool community resources to feed everyone – Street barbecues, a hangi or pot luck meal are a great way to share.

How do we get food to people who are unable to leave their homes?

Some people aren't going to be able to get to a place where you are communally cooking, so think of ways you could deliver food to those in need.

Does your community have a meals on wheels service? Can you create one?

Takeaway containers are a great way to transport meals, where could you find more of them?