Plan with your family, flatmates and neighbours to prepare for an emergency.

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<span class="first">Prepare</span> <span>your</span> <span class="last">Household</span>

Small businesses and community organisations are a vital part of the community

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<span class="first">Prepare</span> <span>your</span> <span class="last">Organisation</span>

Find out what your community is doing to be prepared. You can get through together

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<span class="first">Helping</span> <span>your</span> <span class="last">Community</span>

By visiting this site, you’re finding the time to stay safe

Knowing how to prepare for and respond to emergencies means you can recover more quickly. 

Your Community can get through together

By connecting with your neighbours and the people in your community, you can improve your resilience to disasters. 

Find where the tsunami evacuation zones are your area

Tsunami Maps

200 litre water tanks are available from your council

Water Tanks

Put together a grab bag, or getaway kit

Grab bags