It's easy to help your community both prepare for a disaster and respond to an emergency. We offer a free four week training course that will help you to help your community.

Course content

There are four classes in our training course:

Class 1 - Personal and community preparedness

In the first class we discuss the purpose of training and how you can help your community before, during, and after an emergency event. You’ll learn the easy steps to getting your household and community prepared and the key messages to promote to your community.

Class 2 - Gathering and communicating emergency information

Learn about the key concepts of emergency management and how they fit into the Civil Defence structure. Gathering and analysing information are key to an effective response. You’ll learn about the various steps in this process, and how to use a radio to share the information with an Emergency Operations Centre.

Class 3 - Providing comfort in the community

Learn the principles of keeping yourself safe and managing your stress levels while working during an emergency. Emergency welfare consists of providing comfort and assistance for people affected, learn how you could perform this role.

Class 4 - Working with your community after a large emergency

The final class provides you with the basics of opening and operating a Civil Defence Centre, managing and working with the community during an emergency.

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Become a volunteer

At the completion of the course if you then wish to become a volunteer then you will need to pass a police check and meet with us.
For more information about volunteering